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Heroes of the Storm amateur league

Heroes Lounge, the world’s largest amateur Heroes of the Storm esports league, has announced the creation of a new competitive division that it hopes will help fill the void left by Blizzard’s decision to end support for the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm.

“Heroes Lounge Division S will be a high-level competition where the top teams from Europe and NA can compete in their own region,” the Lounge said in the announcement. “Teams will be competing in a round robin format, will compete for crowdfunded prizes, have a chance to drop out of the division via crucibles with new teams being able to fight their way in via qualifiers and most games being cast by no one less than Khaldor himself.”

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EVE Online studio has been acquired by Pearl Abyss

EVE Online studio CCP Games has been acquired by Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer of the fantasy MMO Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss said that CCP will continue to operate its existing studios in...

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VAMPYR review

Jonathan Reid is a doctor with a particular interest and expertise in blood, giving his transformation into a vampire a splatter of dark irony. The caring helper of the sick and protector of the weak is...


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